Thursday, January 10, 2008

You Just Don't Pinch the Cheek of a Senator

I know I’ve said it before but the treatment of Hillary Clinton is going to force me to vote for her in the end. I just know it. I was already irritated with the media selling her down river so quickly after Iowa (even though I was very excited about Obama’s rise), then I saw this on Wonkette yesterday.

Chris Matthew’s obsession and condescension towards a former First Lady and current Senator really pisses me off. Until the media can treat Ms. Clinton as they would any other Senator, I think she just may have my vote.

Besides, it’s not like any of these candidates really speak exactly for me anyway.


Anonymous said...

All I can say is Wow. That is seriously fucked up! Really. As I have said this is going to be a troubling nomination process with A woman and a black man running because the not so subtle sexism and the very subtle and not so subtle racism here.

They should split the ticket, toss up and do it together. Change the nature of politics forever.

Paul Newell said...

That is so obnoxious. I almost can't believe it. And yes, it was blatant, intentional sexism trying to demean my Senator.

Note to supporters of candidates opposing HRC (of whom I am one): Belittle her and we will lose.

I think it is fairly clear that what happened in NH is that Hillary effectively connected with an important part of the electorate. Please let's not try and offend any more people here. A proper fight is likely good for our party AS LONG AS WE DON'T DO THIS.

Yes, I know Matthews is from the press, but his leanings are clearly the same as mine in this race. I'm embarrassed.