Thursday, January 24, 2008

Former President of NOW Switches to Obama

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magda flores said...

Very interesting. The Clintons really are playing dirty. It's a damn shame.

Anonymous said...

They are playing so dirty it makes me sick. And makes me realize why we cannot afford to have the nineties back. It is attack politics. But, what is Obama to do? He fights back and people say "oh you see he is just like them." If he doesn't fight back it is swiftboat city.

The clintons are politics as usual and that is my main reason for supporting obama. I am tired of this.

Paul Newell said...

The most distressing thing is, I fear they are being effective. Every time they throw one of these lies out there, it's another day or two before Barack can get his message heard.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. But I am disappointed.

Anonymous said...

my thoughts exactly. I think it is effective too. And I feel a little deflated.

Though, I saw Barack is only down five points in california in the latest Rasmussen poll. If he wins California and Illinois on super tuesday - as well as Georgia, etc. he is in for the long haul and it may go to the convention.