Monday, January 14, 2008

Clintons on the Attack: Let Us Set the Record Straight

I am harping I know. But, I am pissed off.

October, 2002

January, 2008

Barack in october, 2002

Who is distorting who's record? Pathetic.


Anonymous said...

Seriously . . . this is getting to the point where I am not sure I would vote for her even if she were to win the nomination.

She is sounding more and more like W and less and less like any democrat that I would be proud to support. It is so frustrating!!

Anonymous said...

Man, I could not agree more. It is embarrassing and infuriating. If she wins i will be in a conundrum because this is exactly the politics we need to run from.

Paul Newell said...

Infuriating. And petty (like caving and then whining afterwards). Why can't she just admit a mistake like JRE did? Because to do so, she would have to admit that Obama had better judgment in 2002. Petty, short-sighted and vain.

Nonetheless, we will all come around if it's Hill or one of those maniacal war-and-hate-mongering Republicans.

In the meantime, support Barack Obama for President.