Thursday, January 10, 2008

Political News of the Day

From Political wire:

Rep. George Miller (D) is backing Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign, the Contra Costa Times reports.First Read: "This is perhaps the closest thing to getting a Nancy Pelosi endorsement as you can come without actually getting it. Miller is incredibly close with her politically. He wouldn't be doing this without her consent of sorts."

Sen. John Kerry is set to endorse Sen. Barack Obama for president in South Carolina today, the New York Times reports.In his speech, Kerry "will argue that Mr. Obama represents the best prospect for uniting a divided country, aides to both men said, as well as transforming America’s image around the world."The newspaper says the endorsement is weeks in the making. "In the final days before the Iowa caucuses, Mr. Kerry was on the verge of endorsing Mr. Obama, several senior Democratic officials said, but a final decision wasn’t made because it wasn’t clear how it would affect the campaign. So Mr. Kerry decided to hold off on the endorsement until after the New Hampshire primary."

And I think significant. John McCain leads in Michigan 29 - 20% over Romney and now: A new Rasmussen poll shows Sen. John McCain, fresh off his primary win in New Hampshire, has overtaken Mike Huckabee for a 27% to 24% lead in South Carolina. Only last week Huckabee held a 28% to 21% advantage over McCain in the same poll. Mitt Romney, whose presidential hopes are slowly waning, has dropped to a distant third with only 16% support.An almost forgotten Fred Thompson, whose campaign has largely pinned its success on southern states like South Carolina, only receives 12% of the voters polled despite being the most favorably viewed candidate in the GOP field (72%) and being seen as the most conservative (57%).The Republican primary in the Palmetto State is on January 19.

It is looking like McCain v. Clinton or Obama. Of course we know how polls can change, don't we?

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