Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Govenor Sebelius Gives the Democratic Response


magda flores said...

What are your thoughts? I didn't think she said too much of interest, but I also was still so annoyed by the SOTU so who knows.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't see it as all that substantive quite frankly. Some of the criticism of Barack I guess (she is coming out for Barack today).

But, a friend said she liked it because of its unity message (also Barack's message).

I did not watch the SOTU because I just cannot bear to watch him or the Republicans anymore. They discuss me and all their warmongering. McCain "get ready for more wars" Please Romney win! That way anyone who runs in November wins.

Back to your question - it seems tone is what a lot of people are focusing on right now because of the real lack of policy differences - I think.

magda flores said...

It's true. I'm ready for Feb. 12th so I can stop thinking about it all. I just want to cast my vote already!