Thursday, January 24, 2008

From the Coffee Front - My Perfect Candidate

Observing the primaries from the side (because I am not an active participant) allows me to come up with thoughts and ideas that are unbound neither to reality nor to the typical political views of this country. Since I can’t vote and affect the future, I can at least play some mind games about who would be my chosen candidate for the election.

Now, as a liberal person, I cannot choose for a republican candidate (and please excuse me all my fellow republicans – but some of their major beliefs are beyond my capability to accept), and since an independent candidate has a zero chance of actually winning the sought title, I am left with the democratic candidates.

Having a woman candidate against a black one already makes this election interesting. Although I have doubts about the country’s readiness to accept either as a worthy future president within the history of a white male president past, it is about time that a country that is based on diversity would allow diversity within its leaders. It is about time to get rid of those old habits and embrace the idea that the gender of a candidate nor his skin color does not affect his/her abilities and capabilities.

Watching this duo closely, I got the feeling that the political ideas and agenda of both are almost indistinct and can probably become one solid policy after a day or two of negotiating, which leaves us with the different approach for the presidential role in these two candidates (as was written in the recent New Yorker).

It seems that the real difference between the two has to do with their view of the position which both seek. An organized, well experienced bureaucracy manager as opposed to a young and fresh soul who believes in affecting the future by entering a fresh and positive vision into the system, over the pompous old bureaucracy spirit.

The choice is not easy. It is very tempting to choose the young blood that calls up to shake the old foundation and create an emotional positive wave around everything that he says (Barack) over the much less likable personality of the woman who has mastered the old foundation and might know how to run them but have a very little thrilling energy to offer (Hillary). But then, the memory of another Barack comes to my mind, the one who ran for the prime minister position in Israel with the same positive spiritual energy over any experience in politics. I admit that I was swept by his model and celebrated his victory just to see him falling in every little trap that the political world is very good in putting in front of you, and making the biggest mistakes possible over his (very good) intentions.

Suddenly it hit me, my perfect candidate is someone in between the two options, which is very rare to find in one person, but as a combination….

If I could vote, I would vote for the first of these two candidates that would go up publicly and invite the other one to co-operate together (as a vice president), a perfect combination of vision and experience. The first person to realize that as much as he lacks qualities which his opponent has and that acknowledging together they can offer a better future for everyone, is my Perfect Candidate.

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