Monday, January 28, 2008

Both Clinton and Obama Will Vote For Cloture on the FISA Bill

This is great news. If we are pushing the candidates with our overwhelming success at the polls and beyond - to the left and to make corporate America accountable and responsible to us, then we are doing our job as citizens. Read more at Daily Kos.

Three more Senators Need to flip so they can vote down this horrible FISA bill. Here is an analysis from again, Daily Kos and Glenn Greenwald.

Even just a two-week or one-month extension will allow more time to marshall the opposition to telecom immunity and a new FISA bill and to do what's possible to encourage the House to stand firm behind their bill -- in exactly the way that the Dodd Delay in December prevented quick and easy resolution. The longer this drags on without resolution, the more possible it is to push the opposition to a tipping point, and sometimes unexpected developments or even some luck (such as McConnell's overplaying his hand on Thursday) can prevent it all from happening.

As the events of the last two months demonstrate, if citizen opposition is channeled the right way, it can make a genuine difference in affecting the course of events in Washington. Defeating telecom immunity will keep alive the lawsuits that will almost certainly reveal to some extent what the Government did in illegally spying on Americans over the last six years or, at the very least, produce a judicial adjudication as to its illegality. And, in turn, the effects from that could be extremely significant. Because victories are so rare, it's easy to get lulled into believing that none of these campaigns are ever effective and that citizens can never affect any of it, which is precisely why it's so important to remind ourselves periodically of how untrue that proposition is.

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paul newell said...

This is great news. I'm glad to hear that both my candidate for President and my Senator have come around to defending our constitutional rights.