Monday, January 14, 2008

Bob Johnson on Obama

We don't need anything else than this video to tell us what the Clinton campaign is about. To use Bob Johnson, a shrill for the Republicans. For instance: Bob Johnson, the Black Entertainment Television founder with a personal net worth of $1.3 billion, is a Trojan Horse, an aggressive political operative of the Bush White House posing as a Democrat. He has used his high profile status as one-half of all African American billionaires (the determinedly non-partisan Oprah Winfrey is the other half) to advance the most politically perilous item on the GOP agenda: privatization of Social Security.

To use this guy and then have him attack Obama on drug use. Don't believe me - watch for yourself. Will we really get anything different from the Clinton Campaing then what we have right now?

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Anonymous said...

Bob Johnson, perhaps the individual who has done the most to denigrate the image of the black woman with BET, off of which he made billions, has the nerve to make reference to Obama's drug use as a youth. A new low in campaigning.