Saturday, September 22, 2007

Olbermann Special Comment

Keith goes after Bush once again (on Thursday). It starts declaring a special comment on Bush' and the Republican criticism of the ad. But, turns and attacks Bush for "pimping" General Petraeus and stop moving our country towards a dictatorship. Watch it:


Daddydan said...

Living in Brazil, Hugo Chavez is always in the news, normally portrayed as the newest dictator to hit Latin America. He hs shown some very reactionary and repressive tactics, suchas closing a rival TV station, a very bad move by him. He has threatened to take over the school system curricula, to "ensure' that it teaches socialist beliefs.

This is quite disturbing for many, in and out of Venezuala. However, it cannot compare to what has been done under Bush's watch. The word dictator has taken on new life with the use by an administration, the Bush admin., in a slightly more subtle and less ceremonial manner than people like Chavez. However, the centralization of all processes, the ignoring of Congress, the self-servicing subjugation by that same congress to one central figure, the obtuse manner in which all actions in Washington occur, the abuses of power that "leaders" such as Cheney have carried out...all of these are part-and-parcel of what most would consider the modern dictatorship.

Kid Radical said...

I would watch the news by Chavez. It tends to be propaganda. The rival news station was basically a junta of a station that organized the coup against him in 2002.

And all he did was not renew the license for the station. He did not "shut it down" as has been portrayed in the press.

Daddydan said...

I agree that American news has crucified Hugo, but I read Brazilian news, and it does the same, especially when he makes statements that reflect an interest in attempting to amend the Constitution to allow for an indefinite presidential term...which sounds like dictator to me. Hugo has done some good things, but unfortunately, he has no problem getting in the news for anything. Sometimes that is not his fault, but he is no savior like some in the progressive press would like to paint him. Statistically, he spends tons on military infrastructure, has reduced poverty minimally, and Caracas is frighteningly dangerous.

I am not advertising any regime change, and am saddened by the US Press doing Bush's work for him by smearing everything he does and says, but Cuba is not paradise and neither is Venezuala. The reality is much more complicated.

Kid Radical said...

Agreed, the reality is much more complicated...he is not the darling much of the progressive press paints him. Cuba and Venezuela are troubling.

But, compared to the regime Venezuela had before him he is paradise...and much of the slime being thrown his way is because he is pushing a socialist agenda. The reactionary policies he seems to be engendering are responses to the white Venezuelans who control much of the property and ownership in Venezuela.

I, like most was unnerved to hear he shut down that station, but when I heard all it was - was a license renewal and they are free to operate without the approval of the gov't I mean what is the big deal?

That is why I am skeptical of anything coming out of the American media or the Venezuelan media about him. Anything.

Daddydan said...

Question: does a Socailist government necessarily have to include hostile actions by the newly-empowered to control power, or can a coalition be more effective? Land reform is a hot-button issue here in Brazil, and there are frequently "invasions" by MST, the largest organized agrarian-reform group, but I am up in the air as to how this ends up working out. If the land was stolen, which maybe it was in Venezuela under the preceding regime, stealing it back is going to right all the wrongs.

The radio station situation was definitely blown out of proportion. Hugo's interest in changing the constitution, if authentic, is more troubling.

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