Friday, September 21, 2007

is it art or just compulsive recycling?

walking around hoboken yesterday on bloomfield street, i stumbled across this bizarre art/recycling installation. thursday is paper recycling in our city. so, was the creator of this art form merely putting out his/her recycling?

inside every Parliament cigarette box was a neatly folded up bunch of paper. totally obsessive compulsive. apparently this is a usual set up. a month ago, i noticed this exact arrangement but it was late at night and i didn't have my camera. disappointed that i couldn't document such creativity, i figured it was a fleeting, one-time street art project. i'm glad to say it is not. this person sure is puffing away a lot but at least he/she is recycling...


John Fogarty said...

i'd say it's art if you decide, and documenting it like this, most definitely, i believe someone's compulsive habits, smoking definitely has that effect, can be more interesting than 3/4 of the most cutting edge art in the galleries in the most respected museums, keep documenting stuff like this, i believe you made it art.

la francaise said...

hey john, thanks for the comment. i agree with you 100%. the photo couldn't do the "artwork" justice, but inside each box, as i leaned in closer to see, it was so surprising and bizarre to find such neatness and layers inside.

it made me think, so indeed, it is art!