Sunday, September 30, 2007 is good...

today i wandered around the hoboken art and music festival, dodging the fried-dough eating people and avoiding the crowds at the sand art booths while searching for the hob'art booth and the "green street" on newark and washington streets, a tiny oasis of environmental consciousness in the sea of consumption. (actually, i can't resist buying a little something: femi ford's poppies notecards & notebook and a reusableable hemp bag to benefit the quality of life coalition in hoboken.)

so, to support the coalition & raise more green awareness (hoboken sure needs it!), here are some help the environment tips for the week:

  • stop that extra sucking -- buy the gaiam smart power strip and conserve energy & money. even if your electronic devices are turned off, they continue to suck power from the socket plug, but the gaiman strip cuts power to everything!

  • no more virgins -- instead of buying virgin fiber paper towels, napkins or tissues, try 100% recycled ones & save tons o' trees. or better still, just stop buying paper products (like viva towels) to mop up messes and use regular washable towels & cloths.

  • be sappy -- buy 100% recycled (veggie ink too) sappycards to show you care.

  • love the locals -- find a farmers market near you and shop for local produce.

have a green tip? share it with us!


magda flores said...

I know, I know fried foods are bad for you. But I can't help but feel sad that you didn't have anything on a stick at this festival.

On a totally post related note, now. Great tips! Very helpful!

la francaise said...

magda, i was tempted by the sweet fried dough smells but then pulled over to the homemade granola table for a free sample. then i bought some local honey, yum!

glad the tips help. i'll keep posting new ones.

la francaise said...

scroll to the bottom of the screen for the link. you can browse (& buy) great stuff (like the hemp bag i bought at the festival) or sturdy to go water containers (not made of plastic aka oil)! An imported, one-liter plastic water bottle uses 1/4-liter of oil (and that's just for the pumping, bottling, and shipping).

Kid Radical said...

Believe me I wanted something on a stick. But, I had to run home and watch the Mets get trounced instead! Bad decision.