Thursday, September 27, 2007

Verizon is Apparently Anti-Choice

Apparently Verizon Wireless won't let its customers voluntarily sign up for texts from NARAL Pro-Choice America. Why you ask? Because the organization is "controversial" and "unsavory."

Take a moment of your time to find out about this censorship and take action.

I vote we follow the suggestion of the women of and:

So I have a request to all of you with Verizon cell phones: text all of your friends with Verizon cell phones, "Abortion should be legal and uncensored." Then have them forward it on and cancel their account.
Verizon confirmed in a letter to Keenan that it had accepted NARAL Pro-Choice America’s application for a text-messaging short code. NARAL Pro-Choice America is also requesting that Verizon make its new policy public so that its customers can be assured that the corporation will not engage in similar censorship activities in the future.


Kid Radical said...

This is why corporations should have NO say in public policy. They will do whatever it takes both for the bottom line and to push their own radical agenda...and they have the power and money to do it. But, power to the people. Make your voice heard.

Anonymous said...

good work

Kid Radical said...

I saw this on Daily Kos today. Verizon said that "the decision was an incorrect interpretation of a dusty internal policy." Yeah right. The people's voices were heard. Rep Dingell has asked Verizon:

"I ask Verizon to decisively state that it will no longer discriminate against any legal content its customers request from any organization."

It is nice to see pressuring corporations by the people can work.

The post then goes on to say: next step: pressuring Fox News to end its embargo on reality.

magda flores said...

I love it! Although I'm not sure Fox will change for anyone anywhere.