Saturday, September 29, 2007

mets fan laments and still believes

the mets -- revived!

13-0, mets over the marlins (lastings hit 2 home runs, john maine almost threw a no-hitter)... but does that ease the pain of the fans?

the subversive garden's good friend and cuny law school classmate, dan caputi, voiced his faith in today's newsday:

Dan Caputi, 35, attorney, Huntington
"Torture. It's been gut wrenching, especially the way they take the lead and give it back. My girlfriend is worried I'm going to do something drastic. Come Monday morning, if the Mets have been eliminated, I'll do the next best thing: start rooting hard against the Yankees."
(Photo by Charles Eckert / September 28, 2007)

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Kid Radical said...

Just terrible Dan, just terrible. I say trade Lastings and Pelfry for Oswalt. They need a stud pitcher. That is obvious. Let Glavine walk. Sign Alou obviously and get some bullpen.

I also thing there is some fault on the part of Minaya. How could he think this team could win without pitching? It is inconceivable.