Sunday, May 13, 2007

MLB Notes: Playing the Patriotism Card

The Yankees since September 11, 2001 have played God Bless America at every home game. This was a directive that came from Major league baseball that was rescinded the next year. The Yankees, with their benevolent dictator, George Steinbrenner still require it. In fact, Steinbrenner requires all patrons, during God Bless America and the Star Spangled Banner to stand still and observe the flag and remember as well as pay tribute to those who have died serving our country. This is the corporate yankees telling us we need to "support the troops" and stop "emboldening the enemy" I guess.

The Yankees have even gone so far as to place chains in the aisles to restrict movement. Plain clothes cops and ushers watch if fans move from their seat and are not paying appropriate tribute to the flag and our beloved xenophobic nation. This is not illegal as the Yankees are a private entity, but it does raise the question of allowing a baseball team to restrict the movement and therefore the speech of baseball fans (the Yankees are not the only ones as my beloved Red Sox are doing something similar, but they are by far the worst). The Yankees are the only team that plays "God Bless America" at all home games during the seventh inning. I am with Carlos Delgado of the cross-town rival Mets, the song is inherently political and he will not stand and be forced to observe a war that Americans have been involved in longer than World War II. I will be following his lead.

I am attending Red Sox/Yankees on May 22nd at the stadium. I won't be standing for God Bless America.


Anonymous said...


I have always been a Yankees fan, and I still am, somehow. I was with them when they sucked during the days of Alvaro Espinoza and Rickey henderson. But George has gone too far in his reactionary ways. What the hell is he doing? I will not be standing if I get to see a game in July, when I hopefully will be up from Brazil.

Anonymous said...

You cannot help who you root for...I feel the same about the Sox a bit. They have become a mini corporate Yanks. But, I do feel George and his win at all costs mentality is terrible for baseball over all. Though, now that Cashman seems to have the reigns maybe that will change. But, the Clemens deal is atrocious.

Anonymous said...

man, after hearing Roger's "requirements", I felt saddened by the whole state of things. Or like the band, "sick of it all." What is Roger's excuse for not traveling...his demi-god status? Or is he going to use the family excuse again...even though the 4 little Ks live in Houston (air-conditioning capitol of the world)?

How desperate are my Yankees for pitching and filled seats when they bring back a 72-year old primadonna?