Friday, May 18, 2007

Avoiding Blame

How is this for stupidity? See at Think Progress the video of Bush trying to squirm his way out of a question by Kelly O'Donnell regarding the damaging testimony by James Comey at the beginning of the week. O'Donnell asks him if he ordered Gonzalez and Card to Ashcroft's hospital room. Pretty ballsy question for O'Donnell.

He completely avoids the question reusing talking points about the NSA program. Everything this administration does wrong, thereafter it hides behind secrecy and says: "we just can't talk about that." Does this sound like democracy to you? Is this how you envision America? Whether the journalists are spineless or are in bed with Washington, they are not doing their job by not challenging the administration.

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philasurfer said...

They won't be able to dodge these questions much longer. The "national security defense" does not stand up in this situation. What national security risk is implicated if Bush answers whether he ordered Gonzo and Card to Ashcroft's hospital bed? In fact, by asserting that defense, Bush is implicating his henchman in a crime.

Apparently it is a crime to discuss classified national security issues outside the confines of specialized facilities, according to Time magazine. Discussing a program of this classified nature in a hospital room is in violation of that law.

Unfortunately, this crime would traditionally be investigated and prosecuted by the DOJ. In this case the subject of the investigation is the Attorney General himself. Therefore, an independent councel should be assigned the matter.

The "national security defense" won't fly with an independent prosecutor in front of a court. Sorry!