Friday, May 4, 2007

Fear and Consumption

I have always been impressed when I see interviews with Marilyn Manson. I don't particularly like his music, nor do I dislike it. But, he is different and says what is on his mind...which are mostly insightful comments about our culture and how we live. Who can forget in Bowling For Columbine when he boiled down the age we live in to "Fear and Consumption" one of the most powerful moments in a powerful film.

See this interview (both parts) with Henry Rollins on IFC. It is worth it whether you like him or not...he defines our age like no other artist. He makes me think: what I am doing? Is it contributing to society? How can I make a difference? Am I really standing up? How can I do better? There are not many folks today who can inspire me so, but he does it every single time I see him on screen. Henry Rollins is also very good.

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Anonymous said...

One thing that saddens me when I ask my ESL students about art is that most of them respond that Brazilians, in general, don't know or really care about art/culture. I sometimes feel that the artist is dead in the modern world. He or she has been televised over, and bought out, and trampled into a corner. Art is cut from public schools, PBS and NPR have to fight for funding, and the lsit goes on.

I think that Marilyn brings up many good points. He is the poster-boy for evil, and is an easy target for breeding fear. But there are many, many people who see through the smokescreens set up by those who need the status quo. They are doing many great things...they just don't have the same funding as the bastards who want nothing to change for the better.