Friday, May 11, 2007

Liberal Media?

This is an update on a story (see below) regarding General Baptiste who resigned in protest of the Iraq war and is now speaking out. What does he get for speaking out? Fired. CBS decided to let Baptiste (who describes himself as a die hard Republican) go as a commentator in the wake of his thirty second ad. See below at this link his conversation with Keith Olberman. He is no radical, no peacenik (which I proudly declare I am) and is not "emboldening our enemy." He is speaking out because of the concern he has for our nation, the direction of this war and how this war makes us less safe. CBS, that radical organization fired him for what 65 percent of our country now knows. This war is a disaster.

Watch the clip at Rawstory, it is worth it.

Also (from one of our DC correspondents) more on this story at Think Progress:

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