Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Assclown of the Week: Karl Rove

I have a friend who refers to the Republicans as the "Rethuglicans" and when he is really pissed off he refers to them as "assclowns." So, I thought it would be fun to have an assclown of the week. And in the spirit of Keith Olberman will have a couple of runner-ups. Feel free to disagree, comment and nominate, but here goes this week's assclown of the week.

It was a particularly active week for assclowns, but for me Karl Rove leads the pack. He is the epitome of what is wrong with this administration and though Gonzalez could have easily won, he is only a stooge (clearly assclown status) of Rove and Bush. But, see this article on truthout that connects the CIA leak scandal to the firings of the U.S. attorneys. Rove is secretive and runs the administration from behind the great curtain and is either responsible or involved in every scandal. He was one of the leakers in the CIA leak scandal (remember that), but was not indicted and was the mastermind behind firing of the seven, I mean eight, I mean nine U.S. attorneys and has refused to give over emails to Congress. Remember, he lost or misplaced emails regarding the CIA leak scandal. Suddenly, they were recovered, but never turned over. Why? His status in this administration reminds me of J. Edgar Hoover. What does he have on people? Assclown. See this, however. Rove may be closer to his day of reckoning. Conyers wants him before his committee.

The first runner-up is Gonzalez of course. If you read the article above you will be reminded that Gonzalez was the stooge in the CIA leak case too when he was part of the administration as White House Counsel. You remember that role? Approving torture. Assclown.

The second runner-up is more disheartening to me than all of them. But, the Democrats are the second runner-up. See this article. The Democrats are now conceding a time-line to the Bush administration for the troops to pull-out, thus guaranteeing the Republicans dream of endless war. Clearly, the Dems do not want to be blamed for not funding the troops. But, the argument is a farce and to me really begs the question what are the democrats doing (about the war) that is so different than what they did when they were the minority party? I heard a discussion this morning on NPR regarding a father who lost his son in Iraq and now questions the meaning of citizenship and democracy. Why, he said are we not standing up to this administration? It questions whether we have a democracy. We voted to end this war. We went to the polls in droves to rid this nation of the Republican menace and we did, despite efforts to quash us at the polls. Now, six months later we are still in the same spot, yet even more of the country is not supporting this war. The democrats must find a way to stop cowering in the face of criticism. I am in support of many measures the Dems have passed, but the reason we went to the polls was to end the war. Let's get on with it. Assclowns.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. We shouldn't give a pass to collective set of colostomy bags that are the debatees in the latest Republican round. So, let's all give these assclowns a medal too.

Anonymous said...

As Dead Prez said(quite controversially): "I'm down for runnin' up on those crackers in city hall."

The time for conciliation has come and gone. People must take to streets, call out, yell, scream, fight, revolt, anything that the weak and sycophantic Democtrats with ulterior priorities have been elected for and have not done.