Sunday, May 13, 2007

Boy, do they hate him!

Love him or hate him, Michael Moore makes you think and react. He makes everyone sit up and listen, and that includes our current leadership (or lack thereof). Which means that "SiCKO," Moore's newest documentary, which comes out on June 19, and will be shown at Cannes on May 19, has already stirred up plenty of bad feelings. To be more specific, it has enraged President Bush to the point that the filmmaker is being investigated by the Treasury Department.

For what? Good question. Moore took some September 11 emergency and cleanup crew members to Cuba to get them treatment. You see, they, like 45 million Americans, don't have a health plan. That is the main thrust of the new documentary: the corrupt and failed health care system of the world's richest country. Mr. Moore is being investigated for breaking the US embargo of Cuba by taking his crew and these individuals to Fidel's place. Moore, who recently wrote to the Treasury Department, finds it strange that the administration did nothing until two weeks before the release of the film, when they knew about it since October 2006.

Check out the letter:

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Kid Radical said...

great post, Dan. I saw this the other day, but haven't been paying attention like I should...great stuff.