Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Disappointed Senator Feingold

Feingold said in a prepared statement yesterday:

"I cannot support a bill that contains nothing more than toothless benchmarks, and allows the president to continue what may be the greatest foreign policy blunder in our nation's history," Feingold added. "There has been a lot of tough talk from members of Congress about wanting to end this war, but it looks like the desire for political comfort won out over real action. Congress should have stood strong, acknowledged the will of the American people, and insisted on a bill requiring a real change of course in Iraq."

Formerly Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid said they would not support a bill without a timeline. Suddenly, however House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said it is clear President Bush will not support a bill that has benchmarks Democrats had to send a bill that conceded to the administration's demands. This is complete chicken shit politics. And we should all be telling Congress about our disappointment.

Oh and by the way there have been 83 soldiers killed this month already and a total of 3434 american soldiers killed in total. The picture above also shows "residents carrying the body of a bomb attack victim in Baghdad. At least 25 people were killed and 60 wounded when a car bomb exploded near a popular market on Tuesday."
How will we ever get the country we want by continuing to cave in? President Bush is the reason for this disastrous war, why do the democrats think they will be blamed when they finally stand up to him? Political courage is not easy, but this is the time for it. This is very disappointing.
Update: A secret surge in Iraq. Troop increases are rising to 46,000, not 21,000 as we were told by the administration. This little piece of news seems to sneak by without anyone mentioning it. But, Bush instead of getting a time-line for Iraq has a mandate to increase troop strength.

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Daddydan said...

Feingold has always stood up for his ideas. i respect him as one of the best and most respectable politicians out there. Washington needs more Feingolds in the Democratic party.