Monday, May 14, 2007

Girls, Brandish Your Collarbones!

BARE BONES The well-chiseled clavicle is in. And with that, styles showing deep necklines, like this Moschino dress, are highly coveted by women who brandish their collarbones as a sign of thinness. (article from the New York Times, Style section)
i saw this last thursday in the paper & can't stop thinking of it... how crazy those words are when i read them. i thought the clavicle was something you broke playing basketball or falling from a bike. now it's the new measure of cool. jesus! i'm slim so my clavicle bumps out a bit, but i'd never view it as my fashion accessory or something to "brandish"! one minute i need to have ample curves, the next i need to be stick thin. thick, bushy eyebrows are back... wait! no, they're gone. i certainly don't keep up with fashion trends anymore (not on my budget!) but this little tidbit of fashion advice and forecasting infuriated me. i've know too many women trying to get obsessively thin, sickly thin & i know too many young girls hyper confused already as to what their shape should be. while i do read the NYT for arts & books, this article makes me cringe. what next?

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Anonymous said...

Good god. What the hell is the trashy styles section doing? It has always been nothing more that the Times' section for the rich and disgusting, but this goes way, way overboard. My God...the clavicle! Was the writer mentally impaired, and the editor using crack? I cannot believe makes me ill to think about an industry that allowed the death of three Brazilian models in five months last year, and then, when told by Spain that its models would have to weigh in before going on, and have a BMI of above 18, then went up in arms. And said that weight is a personal choice. Tom ford should see what life is like with an anorexic daughter -- or just ask Donatella Versace!