Friday, December 21, 2007

A Progressive Iowan Gives Her Opinion Two Weeks Before the Caucuses

From the Great State of Iowa:

It's really hard to predict! I'm campaigning for Obama ----- volunteering, serving as precinct fact, I will give his local (county) office 4 hours a day beginning 12/27 through caucus night (1/3). There are two polls out now for Iowa: one shows the rankings as follows: Obama, Clinton and Edwards; the second one reverses Clinton and Obama....Edwards is consistently coming in third. (though from conversations around here, he seems very popular!)
Darrell is supporting Edwards, will caucus for him and has done some volunteering in his campaign. We have 2 signs in front of our for Obama; one for Edwards. Edwards is my second pick; and Obama is his second pick, so we're not really fighting....

The only Republican that the Democrats need to worry about (in my opinion) is McCain....the rest of the batch are just a bunch of creepy losers....and the more we hear about them, the creepier they get....Huckabee is leading here, followed by Romney....McCain is down toward the bottom, the the Des Moines newspaper endorsed him for the Republicans...(the paper endorsed Hillary for the D's...

Have you heard that Huckabee is running an ad with a bookcase over his shoulder, talking about Jesus and Christmas? The bookcase angle looks like a cross......a little "christian" symbolism there.... He also signed something 9 years ago that said "women should graciously submit to their servant-leader husbands." Be sure to let La Francaise know that one! He is creepy, creepy, creepy!

Romney has been "crying" lately.....He says that his sons have "chosen" not to participate in the "all-volunteer army" --- and instead are expressing their patriotism by campaigning for him....He wants people to not be worried about his Mormonism, but has stated that he would not have a Muslim in his's that for hypocrisy?!?

You know more about Guliani than we do.....he doesn't come here much.....and will not do well here.

I think the Republicans want Hillary to be the D's nominee because she would be the easiest to beat. Both Obama and Edwards show much better numbers running against all the R's than, why or why do the dems keep nominating such losers?!?

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Anonymous said...

Go edwards...the economic populism is worth voting for.