Saturday, May 31, 2008

What For?

Mia Farrow blogged about her nephew who died in Iraq on or near Memorial Day. If you don't check out Mia's blog, you should. It is dedicated to peace and justice, especially in Darfur and Palestine. On or near Memorial Day her nephew died in Iraq. This is what she wrote:

What for?

We have just learned that my nephew, Sgt. Jason Dene, died in Iraq yesterday His mother is my sister, Tisa Farrow. His dad is Terry Deane. Jason loved and was loved by his parents, his sister, Bridget, his brother, Mitchell, his wife Judi and their three small children. He was my God-son and cherished by all of us in this large family.

He also loved his country and he was proud to serve. But I don't know what Jason died for. There was never no evidence of weapons of mass destruction. That was a lie. So people speculate -- was it the oil? Or the old grudges of an old man -- Cheney and his Halliburton? Or the unfinished business of the father -- a haunting of the son? Saddam was bad -- but by then a sleeping dog. Not making threats. The world is full of brutal leaders, some are worse than Saddam Hussein.

This war is as incomprehensible as it is unacceptable. In a cloud of confusion, politicians, generals and ordinary people have come to see that it is a disaster. Exit plans are being discussed while Iraqi citizens and young Americans like our Jason are being killed.

My sister is a nurse. For long years has lived in fear of the day when the two uniformed men came to her door to deliver the most terrible news a mother could hear.

I hope I never see George W Bush. I could not shake his hand. He and his cabal have killed my beautiful nephew. May God, if there is one, forgive them. I cannot. Today Tisa and Terry, Bridget and Mitchell, Judi, and the three little ones - have been given a life sentence of grief. How many more must die before this atrocity is ended?


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