Saturday, May 24, 2008

What do the Top 20 Shows on Television Tell us about Ourselves?

My friend was telling me last Tuesday she had ICLE class (a class for new New Jersey lawyers), but the professors were going to let them out early because American Idol was on and it was the finale. I reminded her did the professors also realize Kentucky and Oregon were voting and we are picking a President? Silence even from lawyers.

The Top 20 Shows of the season were released after sweeps week. Below are the actual top five shows for the year. It is simply pathetic. Maybe Daddydan was right, who cares about the writers strike if this is what we are stuck with? There is not a show on here I actually watch or would ever watch for that matter. Does that make me out of the mainstream? Weird? Out of touch? Am I one of those crazy liberals those white working class voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, W. Virginia and Kentucky talk about? I am an elitist because I cannot stomach this garbage. The #6 show is the first actual drama in the list and that is the ever eventful and laughably bad Desperate Housewives. And of course CSI and House - also garbage. I cannot decide which is worse the reality shows or the ridiculous piles of shit they put on television as drama. The only sitcom on the list is Two and Half Men, led by the genius of Charlie Sheen.

I guess I am an elitist. We have become so dumbed down by what is on television. We actually reach out and say this is good when ten years ago it was ridiculous. It is shock and awe on the little screen with a lot of sex and no substance. Pathetic. We bought HBO again last night just to have something worthwhile to watch on the little screen. I can't wait for Recount. Of course no one will watch it and that my friends is how we get stolen elections, preemptive wars, torture and executive power with no end.

1.“American Idol” Tuesdays - Fox - (28.75 million)

2.“American Idol” Wednesdays - Fox (27.78 million)

3.“Dancing With the Stars” Mondays - ABC (21.67 million)

4.“Dancing With the Stars” ABC - (19.58 million)

5.“Dancing With the Stars” Tuesdays results shows ABC - (19.56 million)


Daddydan said...

Every country has its scholck, and like the US, Brazil loves its crap, too. Telenovelas, or soap operas, are, generally, garbage, and are hugely, I mean hugely, popular. Everyone gathers around the tube to watch a rehashing of a previous idea, dressed up with new clothes.

The bigger problem in our US of A is the sitcom masquerading as the nightly news. As U2 sang, "When fact is fiction and TV reality..."

If shows like American Idol distract the populace, the news controls it. So maybe its better that more people are watching people singing crap than watching propaganda and fearmongering.

Kid Radical said...

Yeah, I am not so sure. I think you are right that every country has its crap and crap on t.v. is not necessarily a bad thing...but when it becomes what we care about that is the problem.

American Idol is what we care about, not two wars and thousands of dead Iraqis, Afghans and Americans. Crap is good to get a break from the world, but when crap is YOUR world that is dangerous. And that is where we are in America.

I can tell you after being to Europe recently (as you are in a foreign land) they have their share of crap too, but it does not mask as culture. It relieves from the world.