Saturday, May 3, 2008

Barack Obama: A Ghettoized Elitist

I have become increasingly frustrated with the media's coverage of this campaign focusing on issues that have nothing to do with the issues that face our nation. But, here we are. Last night I watched Chris Mathews while I worked out and he had on Michelle Bernard (who I like) and Ron Brownstein, who I thought I liked. All we hear is the white working class voter won't vote for Obama. Then, Mathews chirped in without the least bit of irony and said the Reverend Wright is a problem, has he been ghettoized? A question for Michelle Bernard. Not less than a minute later he asks Brownstein has his elitism hurt him? Ok. You can't be ghettoized and an elitist. Doesn't work that way, Tweetie. I think it is certainly a first in Presidential politics where someone is a black nationalist elitist.

Anyway, I was thinking Obama needs to get back to the issues, get back to inspiring us and his base. Me. A liberal (very liberal) white man with advanced degrees and the African-American population. Inspire us. We can win it for you and we will eventually bring the rest along. So, here it is. He was great last night. Here is the closing that was essential politicking.

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