Saturday, May 17, 2008

Assclown-in-Chief Bush Attacks Democrats at the Knesset

President Bush went to Israel to slam an American Senator, the leading opposition Presidential candidate as an "appeaser." Some say this is the first time in history an American President went on foreign soil to slam a fellow American politically. Here is a short clip and it is quite shocking. It seems Bush considers Israel more of a friend than democrats.

Obama responds in a forceful way outlining the differences between he and these nut Republicans. I think it is interesting though the credibility Obama brings because he never supported this war. He speaks with conviction and outrage just like Americans who never supported this disastrous policy. He stands strong and cannot attack him like they attacked Kerry. Though, I must say we must change our policy toward Israel which he is signaling he won't do. But, the entire middle east peace depends upon it. Anyway, here is the clip:

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