Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hillary is Taking the Fight to the Convention

How far has the Clinton campaign gone to send Lanny Davis (Mr. Joe Lieberman) on to Fox News to tell us that Fox News is the most fair and balanced network? Too far in my opinion.

Make no mistake about this the Clinton campaign is back in full swing claiming Obama is actually like George Bush because he is disenfranchising voters in Michigan and Florida. The campaign is going on the offensive about sexism as well. I saw an argument tonight claiming sexism is the reason she did not win the nomination or is not winning. It has nothing to do with the fact that she has run this campaign like a Republican, she is the candidate of "let's obliterate Iran." She has pulled out every stop, asked for the votes of white, hard working Americans so why not bring up sexism as the reason.

So, let me say a little something about this. There is no doubt sexism has played a part in this campaign especially from the media stand point as has racism - clearly. Arguing which ism is worse is a useless, petty argument that has no place here (though one could make the argument since women make up 58% of the voting in democratic primaries this has not been a disadvantage). Both candidates suffer the hardship of being the first, but I feel as democratic voters are concerned (excluding media bullshit and Republican crazies) each candidate has been given a fair shot by the democratic voting public. You can say W. Virginia and Kentucky would never go for Obama because of "cultural" elements there just as you can say MD., VA. and DC and other southern states were going Obama all the way because of his advantages in garnering most of the black vote.

The argument is petty, vile and stupid. The Clinton campaign is not going away. They are taking this to the convention unless the most powerful democrat in the country stops her. Yes, Nancy Pelosi. Act soon.

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