Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ted Kennedy Diagnosed with Brain Cancer

Ted Kennedy has been diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. Ted Kennedy is a man of many persons and lives. From cheating in law school, to a bumbling young Senator in gaining his brother's seat in 1962 to becoming an outstanding Senator in his own right, delivering a stirring eulogy at his brother Robert's funeral and then - to Chappaquiddick. Despite this tragic episode he again became the "Lion of the Senate." Indeed he is... and outlining his legislative accomplishments would take a lot longer than a blog post. I remember as a young man as he brought Justice Bork to his knees in declaring his racist, sexist views of the Constitution. On that day, I came to the conclusion that we all have contradictions in us, some of us larger than others. His Chappaquiddick episode is unexplainable and that is not really in doubt, but neither is his committment to the progressive causes (every one of them) that lead our nation. No, he isn't perfect, but as far as politicians go, he was pretty good. My thoughts are with Ted Kennedy today.
Obama expresses his support for Ted Kennedy

Senator Byrd offers his tearing support to his dear friend.


Anonymous said...

Would Edward Kennedy's ADVANCED BRAIN cancer treatment be allowed by the British Health System? My buddy in the National Health Service says probably not.

Given his age and advanced cancer, I'll bet the socialized medicine machine certainly would not have paid for that $10000 helicopter ride that Mr. Kennedy got from his private island paradise to the hospital.

Let's let Ted go over to Great Britain to have the doctors at the National Health Service treat his cancer.

Of course, I would think that he'd be denied cancer therapy as Ann Marie Rogers (a breast cancer patient) was denied an anticancer drug by the British court. Too bad she was not allowed to buy private health insurance by the socialized medicine folks in England.

Sorry, Ted, no cancer treatment for you. Health care rationing, you know. Just read the fine print in Mr. Obama's health plan. It will all be clear then.

Also, Ted Kennedy is going to have to eventually answer for Mary Jo Kopechne, in this life or after. Ted, it's getting about time to fess up to your past.

magda flores said...

So very tragic. Of all the illnesses to be diagnosed with, brain cancer may be the scariest. Let's hope that Sen. Kennedy pulls through.

putzy lepew said...

I am not sure we need to get in to the stupidity of anonymous arguments. For everything you just said about Ted Kennedy happens to poor, working class and those with poor insurance everyday in America. So, if you argument is we shouldn't allow rich people on the nationalized health system fine. Just give everyone healthcare. If rich people want to buy their helicopter rides let them.

I reckon, however you are just a Ted Kennedy hater and are looking to vent. Glad we provided you with a forum.