Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Edwards Endorses Obama

Adding to Magda's good news below, John Edwards decided to get off the fence and endorse Obama. In the great words of someone, "what took you so long?" Edwards gave a spirited endorsement, no doubt which marked many of his own campaign promises, ending poverty, universal healthcare, ridding Washington of the special interests and ending the free ride for corporations. Though, I have to admit it was not as complimentary of Obama as one would have liked. He barely mentioned him, but that seems to be just fodder for the pundits and he was there to give Obama the credibility with those so-called blue collar white voters. Since Obama got 27% of the vote in W. Virginia and Edwards who has been gone for three months got 7%. That is a shocking statistic. Anyway, they looked good together. Who will be the VP? McCaskill? Sebelius? Webb? Edwards? Richardson? Who knows? But, let the conversation begin. When the video is available I will put it up.

Update: Videos below.

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