Saturday, May 24, 2008

The RFK Assassination Reference Fiasco

Hillary Clinton invokes the assassination of RFK for reasons for staying in the race. It was unseemly yes, weird yes, but unforgiveable? The first I saw of it, I thought - well, that is the calculating Clinton legacy, blame party unity and calls for her to get out on veiled sexism...but then her remarks go off course. Everytime I see it - the remarks seem to get worse. I don't know what she was thinking.

Mrs. Clinton apologizes, but seemingly to the wrong person.

Olbermann does not accept the apology and says this final episode is "unforgiveable."

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Steve Ballmer said...

Given all of the things throughout history which have happened in June, Hellary mentions the assassination of Bobby Kennedy? An unusually close parallel to Obama or wishful thinking or maybe instructions to the wack job racist out there?

“You guys aren’t doing your job!”
That’s what I hear Hellary saying!
Maybe that’s just me, …. we will find out at Barak’s wake.