Monday, May 26, 2008

Recount: The Story of the 2000 Florida Theft

If you have HBO you should watch this movie. It is an astonishingly accurate portrayal of what happened in Florida in the year 2000. It shows just what these Republicans would do to take the Presidency and after watching this and remembering what happened it is obvious these fuckers would do anything to put through their agenda. Dangerous and provocative, Denis Leary is wonderful and Laura Dern gives a spot on performance of Katherine Harris.

Though, one criticism - there had to be some strong women figures during this solid defeat of the democrats and we are stuck with only one performance of Katherine Harris that though extraordinarily accurate is the only women's role worth discussing in the film. Where was Donna Brazile? Was it all men running the show? I guess that question could be a yes, but that is troubling in itself.

The film is superbly acted, however and brings you solidly back to the trauma, though there is a sampling of excitement now that our nominee is clearly picked and we are a mere 240 days before these fuckers are gone forever.

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