Thursday, May 15, 2008

CA Overturns Gay Marriage Ban!

California is now the second state in the union to allow same sex marriage!

What a couple of days we are having. First NARAL endorses Obama, then Edwards does the same and now CA sees the light. Woohoo! It's a good week.

Although there is still an anti-gay marriage ballot initiatives slated for a vote in Cali. Consider donating to stop it.

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putzy lepew said...

We should all consider donating to stop it. Will California really vote for this? Most of the population centers are in the West. Where is Glory to the Union?

What do folks think? Will this fire up the base of the Christians? I am sad for one reason though...California beat New Jersey to the punch. Maybe it will shame us.

This is great news. Are we truly on the verge of a progressive movement?