Friday, May 9, 2008

grow some green

wondering what to do with your extra stimulus package green from the government?

ideal bite posted some super useful ideas today...
The Benefits
  • Add to the $2.3 trillion already invested in socially responsible businesses - money that helps the green marketplace grow.
  • Between 2000-2005, the value of the Global 100 most sustainable companies outperformed a common benchmark (the MSCI World Index) by 80%.

Community Investing Center - put money into a low-risk bank account (insured at $100,000 per depositor like traditional banks) that provides loans to underserved borrowers. Measure your potential impact here.

Blue Marble - socially responsible investment firm helps you green your portfolio; low account minimums (starting at $100 plus $100 per month).

MicroPlace - makes it easy for you to give small loans (even just $100) to entrepreneurs in developing countries; you make a low-risk return of 2%-3%.

Fleur de l'Europe Brut - hell, even do-gooder investors ought to indulge in a little biodynamic bubbly once in a while ($70).

Calvert Online and Social Investment Forum - tools that help you pick funds and stocks based on the eco and social criteria that matter to you.

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