Sunday, June 1, 2008

Clinton Gets Her Way and Still Wants to Appeal

Donna Brazile, formerly campaign manager of the Al Gore Campaign and political pundit and in my mind has done a lot this election cycle to represent the old democratic party, but to realize we are ushering in a new democratic party. She sums up how I feel towards the end of this exchange. "My Mama taught me to play by the rules...and when you don't it is called cheating."

I am sure many folks did not watch this thing like I did. But, the message from the Rules Committee was unity. We need to be unified. All agreed except the Hillary Clinton campaign. She was there (her campaing was) as well as Mr. Ickes, on the Rules Committee to change the rules and make them count as if these primaries mattered. It is disgusting. And she might as well be a Republican and as sore a loser as you can find.

They are now threatening to take this to the convention because she did not get exactly what she wanted. Though, the full delegates of Michigan and Florida are seated (with half votes each) and she netted about 30 delegates yesterday. If she is so concerned about the voters they just got what they wanted, seated delegates. Everyone knows the contests did not count! Remember?!

Regardless, the new magic numbers is 2118 for the nomination and Obama is 66 delegates away. See you on Tuesday.

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