Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Jersey Workers Stealing Children and Gas: Assclowns of the Month

Not only are DYFS workers stealing children from New Jersey families they have resorted to stealing our gas too. Thirteen motorists — all but one a public worker — filled up for free at state-owned pumps, authorities alleged today. The alleged thefts, from April 2007 until last month, totaled at least $2,000.

The North Jersey defendants are both affiliated with the Paterson office of Children and Families. Each was charged with third-degree official misconduct, which carries a prison sentence of three to five years. Like the rest of the indicted defendants, they will be arraigned within a month, Milgram said.

Eleven of the suspects used pumps at several locations in Camden County, Milgram said. Four worked in the Camden office of Children and Families; four were employees of the Camden Board of Education; and two worked for the Camden Bureau of Recreation.

Now, who in this climate would not be tempted to take gas that does not belong to you? Who doesn't want to steal gas from say, Exxon-Mobil or Shell. But, to steal gas from us, New Jersey citizens, not to mention from the people you are supposed to be serving strikes me as a bit sad.

It warrants this months Assclown.

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