Sunday, June 29, 2008

overdue bill

monthly bill got you down? no not the money type... the pain type! having had a vacation from hell (long story, one of terrible accommodations), i'm in no mood for pain...

i'm always seeking remedies for the monthly cramps (yoga, no caffeine, hot water bottle, herbal belly balm, herbal tea, exercise) but i have yet to find the wonder relief. any readers out there wanna suggest their tried and true healing methods?

as always, here is ideal bite's helpful hints.

"Aching belly got you whimpering like a cocker spaniel?

Stray from regular cramp control methods. Instead, try a holistic approach that includes techniques like massage and natural pain relievers and that isn't so doggone synthetic.

The Benefits

Getting a leash on pain. Alternative medicine practitioners have used these remedies for centuries.

Feeling less shaggy. Natural options such as primrose oil are less likely to cause side effects than your average dose of prescription-only Ponstel.

Not treating the earth like a pooper-scooper. Fewer synthetic pills means less chance of toxic chems ending up in our water supply - and the water supplies of at least 24 major American cities already contain trace amounts of pharmaceuticals.

Wanna Try?

Exercise - it improves blood and oxygen circulation, including through the pelvis, and releases feel-good endorphins.

Get a Massage - massage therapists can target your abdomen to ease the tension.

Avoid Caffeine - it constricts blood vessels and increases tension.

Eat Less Dairy and Meat - antibiotics we add to certain foods may make cramps worse.

Spice with Cayenne - cayenne pepper also improves blood circulation.

Jigsaw Health Activated B - sustained-release B vitamins; Bs may also help with nonmenstrual cramps ($30).

Spectrum Essentials Evening Primrose Oil - widely used in Europe for PMS symptoms, it packs healthy omega fatty acids; so does borage oil ($11-$15).

Aura Cacia Jasmine Massage Oil - jasmine's another PMS symptom-soother; use it to massage your abs ($7)."

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magda flores said...

vacation from hell? what's happening out there in nj?