Monday, July 9, 2007

Powell Wants to Re-write History

There is a lot to write today, but my real job is getting in the way. I thought this was interesting though and feel the need to NOT defend Colin Powell, who seems to want to rewrite history.

Colin Powell is trying to have this both ways in my opinion. Sure, he is the least evil person in this administration that took us to war, but I am not sure I believe this report. Powell is said to have "tried to avoid the war" discussing the Iraq war at the Aspen Ideas festival in Colorado. After all, if Powell did not really want to go to war, would he have made that shameful speech before the United Nations that spun the nation in favor of war? His credibility along with his likeability shifted public opinion or at least gave this bizarre administration some moderate credibility.

I don't believe him and Powell seems to be rewriting history, probably thinking, what the fuck was I thinking?


Thelonius said...

Agreed. Colin Powell is having a what the fuck was I thinking moment and is engaged in a little CYA. But Americans and the media are easily snowed and will just say: see what a nice guy CP is; he was duped. Wrong. I used to joke that all those who voted for Bush in 2004 should be disenfranchised (you had no excuse in 2000 either but I am willing to be magnanimous) as having demonstrated a complete lack of capacity to engage in the discussion of what our nation's policies should be. (Anti-democratic you say? No, I'm anti-kakistocratic.) Same logic goes for Bush and the rest of the cabal incl. such notorious figures as Wolfie, Rummy, Cheney and yes, Colin Powell. Anything ever in the future bearing any of their names should immediately be dismissed as a grand load of poppycock. As Dubya said, fool me once, shame on you; fool me can't get fooled again.

Kid Radical said...

Fantastic comment, my brother Thelonius. What shall we say about those who still will not learn and want to vote for Giuliani (ah why are you guys criticizing me, don't you remember 9/11 - more troops!), Romney (Libby is an American Hero); and Thompson (who basically tried to give word to the Nixon administration that the Dems were hip to his game during Watergage)?

Is it that what we really want is a dictatorship? We do not want the trouble of having a democracy, but instead we want told to us what is best...wiretapping, killing innocent Iraqis and of course that the bible is the written word of God.