Friday, July 13, 2007

l a s t i n g s i s b a c k & k i c k i n g a s s ! !

lastings milledge is back from binghampton & batting for the mets. of his past troubles and image issues, he says, "I play the game with passion. I wouldn't say that I'm flashy, it's just players are more colorful now. The game is changing. That's just what it is. People aren't used to colorful guys, so it's kind of tough for people to accept that. I don't think anything I do is disrespecting the game."

and last nite he proved it against the reds. he daringly dashed from first and slid into home, scoring the go-ahead run (see photo above) & ultimately winning the game.

check out lastings' cool style as he leaves binghampton, recalled by the mets -- louis vuitton luggage! i love him...

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Anonymous said...

I love him too. He is so fun to watch. I think they should put him in right and bench S. Greene Sorry la francaise.