Wednesday, July 18, 2007

d u h! it's STREET ART!

while browsing on hoboken411 (which boasts itself as the NEW online guide for hoboken), i found this:
the blogger titled his post, anti war sign, and wrote, "Spotted this rogue sign someone nailed to the street pole near Maxwell Place on 11th and Hudson Streets. Thought about taking it as a souvenir, but wanted to see how long it’d stay on. It shows bombs, what appears to be some kind of chemical (hence the umbrella) and backwards E’s on the “NINE” and the “TIME”.
What would be your translation for those that don’t get it? How long do you think before it’s removed?"

rogue??? that's a slightly loaded adjective!! we all know what rogue implies & it ain't nice. well, hmmm, you don't get it? it's street art & it's subversive, that's the entire point -- if you can't figure out the message, then i won't tell ya. bets on when it will be removed? taking it as a souvenir? how quaint. damn, this town needs more subversive art & activists. (whenever we put up anti-war stickers around town, on community billboards, signs, etc., sadly & predictably, they were promptly removed.)

where's banksy when you need him?! see his graffiti street art above and much more on flickr.

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