Tuesday, July 10, 2007

kids n' coffee

well, the kids just love it. gotta have their starbucks mocha frapps (380 calories!) before and after school. and don't the starbucks execs just love it...

reported in yesterday's article, teens, like adults, love their java jolt, in the new jersey herald, a starbucks spokeswoman said that "As we grow, our customer base has expanded and diversified to include parents, children and teenagers." hhmm, children! over sweetened, sugary drinks hide the bitter, addictive caffeine pull, plied to kids who already have way too much high fructose corn syrup in their diets. so voila, they can now get addicted quicker, younger, for longer. and since suburban kids don't have many accessible places to hang out of which their parents approve, starbucks conveniently supplies & cleverly markets safe, comfy locations in every town and main street where kids crave to spend time & money.

this frightening article focuses on jersey high schoolers (see photo above) who rely on starbucks and dunkin' donuts to get their multiple java hits throughout the day. one student said she started her coffee habit in the sixth grade.

i know we all love and need caffeine to some degree, but here's just another corporate abuse for the almighty dollar... in spite of our health.


LadyLiberal said...

This will really help the ADD/ ADHD epidemic that is running rampant in this country!

Anonymous said...

This is infuriating. Anything for the almighty dollar. And even moreso for Starbucks who claims this might social conscience, but in the end is nothing more than a PR campaign.

Switch to your local cafe. see delocator.com