Monday, July 30, 2007

P o s t c a r d F r o m T h e O t h e r P e n i n s u l a

summertime, and the living should be easy. well in the metro nyc area, it's always business as usual. we, at the subversive garden, took a much needed break & spent a few days in portland, maine. this small city is a gem, perhaps underrated (probably preferred by the residents to save their city as a well kept secret). the peninsula juts out (like an elbow as locals say) into the casco bay. it feels like a mini-san francisco, with its hills, quirky neighborhoods and walkability to the water.

here are some highlights-- worth checking out if you find yourself in the lovely state of maine!

no chains can settle in & steal away local business, thanks to a moratorium on development. starbucks & cold stone creamery did sneak in there before... ugh... but no other chains to be found in the city limits. the powerful buy local alliance is a strong presence as local businesses truly support each other.

arabica: where espresso is "a culinary art", i got my fix of caffeine in a friendly cafe where the frothy, flower design of milk & espresso achieved perfection.

ferdinand: a fun-filled shop on munjoy hill (great views!) where super friendly founder and creator diane offers handmade cards, tee-shirts, bags, "found" vintage trinkets & jewelry, books and other assorted goodies. i love this store!

uffa: super yummy restaurant where head server andre treated us wonderfully... i had fishcakes, peach gazpacho and strawberry-rhubarb gelato.

portland museum of art: a hidden treasure! we saw an amazing frank lloyd wright exhibit plus several floors of american & european art.

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erica said...

Yay! I am glad you enjoyed your stay here in Portland. Every time I leave it to live somewhere else, I find myself missing it. Sounds like you happened upon some lovely spots. There are many more I'd love to show you on your next visit.