Tuesday, July 24, 2007

At Least Someone is Paying Attention

Gonzales v. Carhart certainly pissed me off, as it did anyone who was paying attention and has a heart. Therefore, I am delighted to see a mainstream women’s publication inviting thoughtful writers to discuss the decision in the Elle feature, The Incredible Shrinking Woman.

One writer compares the language used in this opinion with the language in Roe v. Wade. The author notes, “We hear about "the life of the unborn" and "the life within the woman," but not once about the life of the woman. Indeed, the most important—the only important—thing about her life is its potential for motherhood.” She goes on to compare Justice Kennedy’s patronizing tone with other arguments used to keep women down such as “You are too mentally challenged to master the rigors of a higher education, so we'll keep you out of universities for your own good.”

With a publication like Elle speaking out against the anti-choice agenda, maybe there is hope for this country. Or maybe they are just going to get a lot of angry letters to the editor. I hope for the former.


Anonymous said...

Mags (if I may)

from the great state of maine...(I am stealing this for the moment). But, we bought a cool piece of art and thought I wanted to share. Because I think it goes well with your post. It is about women...and a rhyme/rap/diddy...whatever is attested to it and it goes:

And since we all came from a woman
got our name from a woman
and our game from a woman
i wonder why we take from our women
why we rape our women
do we hate our women?

I think it is time we kill for our women
time to heal our women
be real to our women
and if we don't we'll have a race
of babies that hate the ladies
that make the babies
and since a man can't make one
he has no right to tell a woman
when and where to

-Zarra- Portland, Maine

magda flores said...

I love it! Thanks for posting it.

Enjoy Maine.