Saturday, July 7, 2007

On Cosmic Waves and Exotic Flavors

Someone had an idea
Somewhere in the past
“Let’s add Oreos to the Ice Cream
Mix it up within the cream
And sell it to the masses”.
Oreos, those mediocre cookies
That represent more than anything
The decline of society from
The home made goods,
Which were tasty, good
And well defined,
I mean we all knew what
Kind of jam grandma was using
And how she combined
The broken almonds in the
Dough while it was growing
Under the used towel on the
Counter in the kitchen,
Into an all automatic industrial
Products that looks neat
And taste OK, but any connection
Between them and the real world
Ingredients is by far
A mistake.
A combination of formulas
And artificial material to create
These even looking mini-mechanical
Cookies that tastes the same
In any box
Like something
Like nothing at all.
And now this idea came to the world
Where an ice cream turns exotic
By containing this exactly
Ingredient: the Oreo.
The Original Oreo
Exotic flavors for the masses
And they buy it, the fools.

defunct mola cafe's barista eli's poems

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