Tuesday, July 31, 2007

michael vick -- the real story by playahata

for a compelling, much needed discussion of the race issue surrounding michael vick & dogfighting, read this scathing article, written by my colleague's friend from his blog. see excerpt below...

"Somehow people who claim to believe in the Constitution and due process think it only applies to certain people. Somehow people who claim they care about animal abuse seem to only care about their pets. Somehow people who claim to care about animals find themselves wholly unconcerned, with a system and society that routinely abuses animals, or how the creatures that grace their plates or wrap around their shoulders as a status symbol got there. And somehow despite the public’s pious grandstanding and noble language I don’t think Michael Vick’s trial and public execution is about animal cruelty."

see their website, playahata for more insightful news and perspectives that demand to be heard.

they tell it like it is & they define themselves as: "(1) Playahata (n) - One who offers truthful constructive criticism that is in opposition to popular opinion or the status quo, (2) Playerhater (n) - One who detracts from the legitimate success of others, or disrespects others and their ideas due to ignorance, envy, jealousy or too much free time.
So, Hater = Bad, Hata = Good, Hating = Negative, Hatin’ = Positive"

brilliant. also check out the hata & hater of the month!


Kid Radical said...

A letter to the editor at the NY Times. Very insightful.

Savagery Is Relative

To the Sports Editor:

Re “The Elusive Vick Takes His Hardest Hit,” July 20: I disagree with William C. Rhoden’s characterization of dogfighting as “one of the lowest forms of savagery in modern society.” Calling anyone or anything low and savage, while implicitly claiming the high and civilized, is historically suspect.

Why single out dogfighting? Football players, often from unprivileged races and classes, often sustain physical and cognitive injuries while others watch, enjoy, gamble and profit.

Jane Caputi

Highland Beach, Fla.

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