Monday, July 23, 2007

A Man to Cheer For

Yes, I am a Yankees fan. I will start with that caveat. But this story is not just for Bronx Bombers fans. It is the story of a player who has shown that trusting in little guys, and not just hired guns from all over, can work out for all involved. At least, it has so far for the Yanks, baseball and Andy Phillips. Pictured to the right, Andy has come up from the minors, and has hit around .325 since. He has done this while dealing with the onset of cancer in his wife, her recovery in Belize, and the ordeal around it. He has done this with a smile on his face, and a real appreciation for the support he has received from baseball fans.

As the NYT baseball blog, Bats, wrote, we don`t know how long this ride will continue. what we do know is that a seemingly all-around good guy is fielding, hitting and representing the Yankees pretty damn well. That makes me proud to cheer for the Yanks.


Anonymous said...

good post Daddyday. Yes, finally a Yankee I can root for...only one though. How bout you root for Jon Lester (recovering from cancer) and I will root for Andy Phillips?!

Anonymous said...

no problem, Kid. Jon sounds like a great story, and hope to see hime play, just like I hope that Torre gives Phillips a chance to play and doesnt push too hard for a big overpriced pickup before the trade deadline.