Tuesday, March 4, 2008


as i continue in my quest for a meatless life, i've sampled many new veggie products. each trip to the health food store, i look for new interesting options. it's a challenge. lately i can't get enough of tofurky. besides the cool name and yummy taste (many flavors ranging from peppered, italian sausage to cranberry stuffing), i just love its creator seth tibbot, an oregon dude. good magazine profiles seth and his tofurky empire. drop some meat from your diet and grab some tofurky.

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infemity said...

i'm a big fan of the Boca Spicy 'Chik' Patties & Nuggets. Basic Food on Washington in Hoboken has them. They also carry this delicious sandwich that i first discovered in Brooklyn. it's in the deli case and is called, 'spicy vegetarian turkey sandwich'. i believe it's vegan. mmmmmm mmmm.