Friday, March 21, 2008

Barack Obama Speaks About Iraq and the Economy

Excerpts from Obama's speech on Iraq and John McCain

The full speech from yesterday in West Virginia regarding Iraq and the Economy. In many ways this speech (while not as historic) is as important. A beautiful speech. Here is the text of you are interested:

Just so you don't think Barack Obama is Monday morning quarterbacking on these "war supporters" check out Nancy Pelosi (who is a certain closeted Obama supporter) and her speech in 2002 regarding the Iraq war and the economy. This is judgment:

With Barack at the top, Ms. Pelosi as Speaker and wink...wink...Chris Dodd as the Senate Majority leader, we can take our conuntry back. It is interesting, usually the more you get to know someone in elected office, the less you like of them. Not so about Obama. I liked Kucinich, then I liked Edwards and then I came around to Obama. He is a "once in a lifetime candidate."

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