Monday, March 10, 2008

Eliot, Eliot, Eliot...

Eliot Spitzer may resign tonight over prostitution ring. Here is a video of his statement. What amazes me about these press conferences, is that the women who have already been throughly humiliated, are made to sit by their idiotic husband's side only to be humiliated again. I would tell these morons to f*** off.

I like Eliot Spitzer and his star was on the rise, but a la McGreevey, we hardly knew ya and your leave in a shadow of shame. Of course, how come only Democrats resign? Vitter anyone?


Butch said...

He should resign before it gets uglier. I'm curious as to what "unsafe practices" he had in mind... maybe he didn't want to wear a condom. Or maybe he's into something super freaky. Whatever it is, it will come out eventually. At least McGreevey had the good sense to quit before the scandal hit - he outed himself, remember?

Launchpad said...

McGreevey at least had the decency to be direct: he said what he did wrong, he apologized for what he did, and said he would resign (though he didn't actually leave office for a few months).

Spitzer comes across as totally arrogant and self-absorbed. He gives the citizens of his state one minute of his time, makes a vague apology that doesn't even mention what he's apologizing for, and walks out with no further explanation, even though the prostitution story had been all over the news.

The only good thing about Spitzer's statement is that his wife only had to endure public humiliation for one minute.

And no comment for more than 24 hours after that: he leaves the residents and officials of his state twisting in the wind while he huddles with the Feds trying to cut a deal for himself to avoid jail time. The Lt. Gov. is "in limbo," he said himself; the Gov. isn't telling him anything about what's going to happen.

Meanwhile, the NYState budget is due 3/31.

This is just the last ugly twist for Spitzer, after "trooper-gate" and some other shenanigans. Apparently all Spitzer cares about is himself ... not his constituents, and certainly not his wife and three teenage daughters (nice role model for them on how men can behave!)

It sounds like his member-ship with Emperors may have gone back to 2002, and he may have spent up to $80,000 on hookers, all told.

I hope Spitzer resigns, and that his wife dumps him. Maybe he'll finally learn the difference between "right and wrong," as he's always lectured other people about. What a pathetic dude.

Kid Radical said...

Can't disagree with anything you all said. He is an embarrassment. It is shameful...looks like his resignation is coming soon.