Saturday, March 8, 2008

Samantha Power and the Monster Comment

Below is a candid conversation with Samantha Power who made the "monster" comment. If any do not know who she is - Ms. Power is a 37 year old Pulitzer winning author for her book A Problem from Hell, which incidentally I picked up a week or so ago to read because I was so excited she was a part of the Obama campaign. My partner picked up her new book, Chasing the Flame, about the life of Sergio Vieira de Mello

She is a campaign rookie, true, but what saddens me is that she is exactly who we want running our foreign policy, a policy that is about what is right, not about profit and imperialism and neo-colonialism. I am saddened by the fact that she is not on the campaign with Obama. When will the same truth hold for the Clinton campaign? How many insults have come out of her camp and those people are still in the exact same position. It is disheartening.


Anonymous said...

Actually, her interview with the British journalist was quite impressive. She's no shrinking violet and is more than capable of promoting her viewpoint on subjects like Iraq and Darfur. Sadly (for her and Obama anyway) the interviewer ate her for lunch. He basically exposed the fallibilty
of her solutions for the world's problems. But she is a passionate speaker and quick on her feet.

Anonymous said...

Ok, first of all the interviewer was a she, not a he. And the interviewer did not eat her for lunch. "She" has been making the rounds on the shows defending using the comment in the piece and saying her book is amazing and she made no mention of eating her for lunch.

She said, that she is a political wonk and a campaign rookie and said something she shouldn't have said. How is this eaten for lunch? Her solutions are quite impressive, not the interview. The only fallibility in the solutions is the lack of political will.

I will take Samantha Power as an advisor over anyone in the Clinton campaign. Anyone. She is exactly what we need instead of the old crochety bullshit.

Anonymous said...

there is more than a little veiled sexism. Referring to Samantha Power as a shrinking violet? Of course she isn't a shrinking violet, she has a fucking pulitzer prize!!!

She has reported from wartorn Bosnia and other war zones and is the executive director of Harvard's Carr Center on Human Rights Policy...

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