Sunday, March 9, 2008

Obama Wins Wyoming in a Blowout

Obama wins Wyoming with 61% of the vote. I was talking with someone yesterday and they said, "isn't it sad he can only win in majority black places?" Ahhhh Wyoming? Idaho? Minnesota? WTF are you talking about? And then it was of course, "well he only wins small states." Maryland, Virginia, Colorado, Illinois, Missouri; Ahhhh only in caucuses. "Do I really have to answer that one" I say. Then, they said, well I just don't support him. "Why" I say. "Because I don't." "Oh", I say.

Good argument. It shows the hypocrisy out there trying to deny him the nomination and give it to Clinton. The argument is really, "it is her turn." That is what people are saying and the MSM is going right along. Either that or veiled racism. And this is New Jersey. We need Obama for various reasons and I have argued on this blog that his progressive policies do not go far enough. But, his presence in the oval office could help change the world. That, I am sure of and is the main reason I support him vigorously.

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Butch said...

I don't get the "it's her turn" argument. Why is it her turn? How did she get to cut in line ahead of Edwards and Biden, if "turns" is how we are nominating people these days?